Revolutionizing Machine Vision with Artificial Intelligence

Solve much more advanced machine vision tasks and start realizing the full potential of your production lines.

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Rethinking Machine Vision

VRinno's innovative platform is powered by state-of-the-art deep learning techniques that let you solve much more complicated machine vision tasks than what's possible with the solutions available on the market today.

Adaptive Object Classification

Using your existing camera systems, VRinno lets you train adaptive object classifiers to perform tasks such as counting, sorting and quality assessment of the products passing by on your conveyor belt. Learn more →

Anomaly Detection

VRinno's automatic anomaly detector continuously looks for anomalies on your production lines and integrates with leading automation equipment providers to automatically react upon the anomalies found. Learn more →

Deep Learning for You

Systems based on deep learning greatly outperform traditional computer vision systems — but without prior knowledge, they can be difficult to set up. VRinno handles all the hard parts for you and lets you reap the rewards.

Cloud Computing Made Easy

VRinno partners with Microsoft and is hosted by the world's leading cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure. Azure complies all the major industry protocols and standards to guarantee your privacy and security.

Immense Amounts of Processing Power

VRinno uses the latest GPUs developed by NVIDIA and is a part of NVIDIA's program for startups. This allows for you to train classifiers on VRinno's platform at unforeseen speeds and with no limits in terms of amounts of data.

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Start realizing the full potential of your production lines with VRinno's platform.

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